October 9, 2011

refrigerator pickles

 This recipe is from my great auntie Bernie.  She loves to create things.  from the kitchen to the knitting needles to the rug hoop! (her husband tells her to stop making rugs, they have too many, but she refuses!)  I wish I could just know all she knows.  These days, she is loosing control of her body to Parkinsons, but I still find her at her sewing machine when I go to visit! She also makes sure I leave with a huge box of yarn, half finished quilts, kitchen utensils... whatever she has ready to give me!  Sweet folks. They live on my great grandfather's original homestead!

They're really yummy pickles. You don't have to worry about sterilizing jars and having them seal properly, instead you need to worry about having room in your fridge!  

This year, I put them in quart mason jars cuz an ice cream pail just takes up too much space!


Unknown said...

That looks great! She sent me her dill pickle recipe which is so yummy. I think of her when I am craving pickles - all those piles of cucumbers made into delicious pickles! Erin Joy

erin said...

oh boy,erin joy! can you send me that dill pickle recipe some time? thanks for posting a comment, its so nice to have a surprise of Nordin Aunite Bernie kinfolks!

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