November 6, 2011

first snow visitors

November 5th - first snow in Southern Saskatchewan. 

Also, the day Madeleine & Dan arrive in their comfy camper for a short but sweet visit!  They are on their way to Montreal from the Okanagan. 

I met Madi up in the Yukon and hadn't seen her for about 5 years!  A lot has happened and changed in both our lives since then, but seeing her again, we picked up right where we left off!  
That's what I love about old friends.

 We decided in the day to have a bonfire that night...
AFTER we had a private bowling party at a friend's bowling alley! an experience true to this town. 
Right before leaving, someone looked out the window and noticed an inch of snow!!

So, on our walk home the question was - should we still light a fire?

 we all agreed that yes. Keep up with the Yukon spirit.
Got the winter gear out from the box downstairs and had a blast!  and had some wine  ;0)

Fire is warm.
du feu
 Long lost friends make it even warmer outside!

Safe travels, guys!  Thanks for the visit!

Attie loved Madi too!  She painted her nails, gave her fake tattoos and stickers, did her make up!  
That's how you get a 2 yr old to be your best friend immediately!

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