November 4, 2011

various quests for happiness!!

 I am on Day 4 of a " 30 days light of yoga"
meaning, i have decided to to 2 sessions of one hour per week and the rest just half hour or less... or more if that is what happens.  a little stretching goes a long way!

childs pose!

I am not sure if It is because of the yoga or the slightly raw food cleanse I am at the end of, but I feel GREAT!
I feel inspired.
full of energy
excited about the day
less worried about what I need to do

and with this, comes good into my life from outer sources.

Are you aware that inner happiness CREATES outer happiness? its not the other way around.  

but how do we become happy inside when we feel sad or off???   
The question everybody wants an answer to!

You may be the only one who knows the answer.  I bet if you sit down with a pen, paper, and adequate time, you can find what it is you need to do to maintain a healthy and happy mind.

For me, there are 5 things that come to mind:
1) eating well, enough veggies and proteins
2) getting outside/ getting exercise
3) proper elimination!
4) enough sleep (although this doesn't seem to be That important for me...)
5) feeling an active part of my community of positive friends and family

Although, I know there are other barriers to happiness that seem out of our hands and I am NOT claiming to have the answer to happiness for you or even me!  Some people need medication to be happier, which, in my opinion is the best thing you can do for yourself if found in that position.  My own mother has suffered with depression on and off for years and I believe that going un-medicated has resulted in a manifestation of cancer and a lot of it.  She had been medicated from time to time, but the last 10 years had refused drugs. This is when the breast cancer showed up. It was removed, then returned elsewhere... then showed up all over the place.

mind. body. soul.

our mental health is in our own hands and is the most IMPORtant thing. without good mental health, the rest of our lives can fall apart! If our mind is unhealthy, so will our body and soul be.

I do not discount the necessity of feelings other than happiness!  There are certainly times for sadness and anger. They have their place and make the lighter times feel much lighter. Crying is a great release of negative energy and must never be discouraged.  You know if you are in balance.

The journey to happiness every day is different for everybody.  Do whatever you have to do to find it!

Today, give yourself a pampering or a gift. Make time for yourself. Take care of the temple that is your body.
Any work you can do for your inner happiness is the most important.  Its work for you, your children, friends, partner, family, the clerk at the bank!  

This is Donna De Lory, 
a wonderful musician who I love to be in the background when i am doing yoga!

The light in me honors the light in you =  NAMSTE

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