November 19, 2011

I'm a busy elf

I have been a busy elf preparing for the Santa supermarket Christmas craft faire...

 Assembling Tea Blends

these little quilts get turned into magnets

 I am enjoying pencil crayons!! 

They are where its at.
They gotta be really sharp though.

Calendula, comfrey, chamomile and chickweed doing a solar infusion
(mostly calendula and chamomile)
This smells wonderful. I can't get enough!

 melting down beezwax

 Calendula Salve
smells deliciously soothing.

Lip balm - turned out really nice! minty.

yes sir.   
Its been fun preparing everything!  

I have no idea what is going to sell.
But whatever doesn't gets to be instant xmas presents!

The Soaps are the main thing...

and then we felted some of it.

 this night was fun and productive 

happy Christmas creating!


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softearthart said...

Cool preparing for a fair, love the felted soaps. cheers Marie

Amanda Pedro said...

looks great!. it's a tricky thing to know what will sell. It's usually a different favorite every time I do one.
best of luck at the faire

aurorafedora said...

hello. i stumbled onto your blog by following a pinterest pin...i think!
wow! you sure are one busy, crafty gal! love this post about all your craft fair preparations. i wish i had half your energy! i will be reading more of your blog, as i'm sure it will give me some inspiration...joanne

dionne said...

Did you do all that in one night?! So professionally and beautifully packaged. Lovely.

Shanon Hilton said...

Question: where did you get those cute little jars for your salve? I love them! Also, I'm wondering about the felted soap...? I've never heard of that before.

Just curious, but which Fair are you attending? Being that we're in the same neighbourhood and all.

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