November 11, 2011

~old journal entries~ random thoughts and recipes


PEACH BUTTER?! yum? sounds like! I never tried it yet... 
but now am reminded to!  
The squashed plant on the left is Twin flower
my very favorite plant in the wild.

This is what I have decided to name my li'l buisness. 
Twinflower Creations and Soaps!

I recently made the final logo.
it's at the printers getting made into stickers!

I don't know about you, but the following post represents how I feel about 40-70% of the time.  
I feel like I am going through a transformation of sorts right now. 
Turning into the kind of person I want to be!  
Finding new creative outlets.  
Feeling strong.  
(for today...)


Do you journal?
I encourage YOU to share little bits from your past journals in the comments!  If you are moved to photograph them and post on your blog, leave a link!  I'd love to see how yours looks. 

Journal entries are like blog posts that you can hold in your hands!  

for more old journal entries:


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore your doodles! In fact-I adore your blog! I'm trying to find more blogs like yours! I featured your blog to my Facebook Community page {it's not much now-but I hope to build a strong community of mother's like yourself} here is the link to your feature ....

KC Pagano said...

I made peach lavender butter last summer and it was amazing. Great blog by the way!

YukonTara said...

I love twinflower! Do you have it in Sask? There is a lovely recipe for a "solar infusion" with twinflower in The Boreal Herbal. Are you close to the boreal forest? I'm sure you'd love this book, I should send you a copy! It's by the lady who owns AromaBorealis. Also, I LOVE your logo! How exciting, your own business!

erin said...

impossible mom - thanks for featuring my blog! community building is what its all about!

KC Pagano - Peach LAVEnder butter! sounds grreat.

Y-Tara- boreal forest is a 5 hour drive north, but about half of saskatchewan is that!! I LOVE the aroma borealis womyn!! and would love that book.. maybe i can order it. have you the "Janice Schofield" books??

Shanon Hilton said...

Hi Erin,

Would you email me at shanon (at) foodfarmhealth (dot) ca? I can't find an email address for you on your site. I'm wondering if you might be interested in helping me design a logo? --S

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