November 21, 2011

potato stamps for my tea lids

For the loose leaf teas, I used a lot of baby food jars with the lids spray painted green.
I wanted to somehow stamp the lid tops, how to make a quick stamp....

Just like in kindergarten!!  potatoes!

and just like in kindergarten, I made a couple mistakes... 
the 'F' (fairytale tea) and the 'S' (sleepy tea).  


The "F" was changed to personalized painted tops.

I just left the dang "S" as it was...

happily used Stamps

The kiddo had fun with the paints!  
Paper is never her preferred media. 
the forehead is her canvas.

she enjoyed paining my forehead. 
I sure liked it too- it felt so incredibly soothing!  
She must have been painting on my 3rd eye chakra... 
I am pretty sure she can see it.  (i have reasons, but that is for another post)

I guess my 3rd eye is off balance?


...or maybe she was just making art that day


Emily said...

Great idea!! Aren't baby jars SO USEFUL?!

Heather said...

I guess the tea worked SO well and made you so sleepy that you got your S backwards. ;-)

erin said...

yes Emily, baby jars are great... and when you find a project, there are all of a sudden MILLIONS!

Thanks, Heather, now i have an excuse!

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