November 23, 2011

closing up the garden

One of the last carrot harvests.

I will miss my garden veggies.
But I am kinda looking foreword for the fun and comfy part of winter.
The lack of a garden to tend means that all that energy can go into indoor stitchery and such!

dancing around in the new snow!

The beets and Carrots got a heavy layer of leaf mulch in efforts to extend their lives underground!  
Still, i am getting carrots from under the snow, and we have already seen -20 C.

I did leave some carrots in there intentionally so that next fall, i can attempt to save their seed. As carrots are biennial and you can not save their seed until they flower in their second season!

goodbye my crunchy and flavourful garden treats... 
soon we'll see your face again!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Snow already!!! Wow, great fun I'm sure! The best thing about winter is looking forward to the spring! XX

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