December 6, 2011

New computer

A few days ago, the purolator truck showed up in front of our hose and bestowed upon us a brand spankin new computer!!

Its a Mac...  so this means that instead of writing fun blog posts, I am spending my computer time trying to figure out how the %$@# this thing works!!!  I've been running PC all of my computing life.
This is fun.  hehe.

I fee lucky to have this problem.  see you soon!


karen said...

good luck with your new computer. All your soaps looked great for your market, good luck with the next one too. Ive finaly got together all the ingredients to have a go at soap making so hopefully I can have a go soon, I hope it turnes out ok, im a bit intimidated but wel see:)

erin said...

It is really not as intimidating as it seems!! I felt the exact same way... But be SURE to have safety goggles and cover your whole body with clothes when mixing the lye. and try not to breath it in... other than that, just follow the recipe!! you'll be suprized at how well it works!

Emily said...

Erin, we have always had Macs, AND LOVE THEM!!!! Recently, when my computer broke and went to be repaired (it's working on borrowed time, I fear) I had a pc and permanently felt frustrated because it makes no sense!! Macs are a joy to use, and really are FUN!! Have you iWork(with Pages?) great for designing labels etc :)

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