December 11, 2011

Felted (kid friendly) christmas tree ornament!

BRing out the felt!
heat up the water!
find the soap!
time for Christmas wet felting!


 Form a tight ball, 
add a bell if it pleases you!

  a little needle felting helps the ball stay together during the water phase

Add some other colors

Make the water as hot as your hands can handle!
and hold the ball all around as you dunk it in the water.
Keep it under the water until all the bubbles are done and its wet thru

Add some dish soap

and the fun begins!
Start slow and Very gentle, then just go round and round for about 5-10 minutes

until a ball is formed!

option:  for a tighter ball, place it in nylons, tying a not right above the ball and
 throw it in a very hot washing machine.

Also, when its all done, if you have a felting needle, 
you can felt some designs into your ornament.

I cut a tiny hole on the top and needle felted this wool yarn onto the top for hanging.
One could also sew it in of course!

since its made of felt, you can put these guys at the very bottom of the tree 
so IF the little ones get em, they won't break them!

see that hand going for it!!

 yeppers! That will happen.  

Merry christmas making!


Emily said...

I am SO going to try this, fantastic idea... think I might arrange baths and felting at the same time :)

Megan said...

I never thought about adding a bell to a felted ball! We are going to do this soon! But not Christmas ornaments....

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