January 16, 2012

Hello old strangers!

... thank you to anyone who still believed I existed!
Its been ultra crazy around here ever since xmas.  

we've been on many trips. 
and I don't only mean distances.
(although we've traveled about 5000kms since I last wrote)
soul roller coaster rides.
mind wars and struggles.
making me question every thing about my life.
with the negative view that mid winter can bring.
we trodded into the dark, held hands on the way back.
thank Goddess we made er out.

Wounded, but all in one piece.

now for the rebuilding of good ness.
a decision to look out of my sunny glasses and turn a blind eye to the negative side of any situation.
must make this decision each and every morning.
to be the change I wish to become.
with every sunrise brings a new chance at the life you have always wished for.

Struggles do make you stronger.  If you find the right way out.

I feel blessed today.
this kid is but one reason why...

 She is calling the horses:

HOOORRR -                      seeeeeee!

happy year everyone!!

1 comment:

YukonTara said...

yay! so happy to see you back, erin. i hope all is well, it sounds like you are dealing with some challenging times. take care, sending you lots of love!

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