January 18, 2012

juicing and painting

we had a little juice pardy with the Breville.

I sure like this juicer.  After using an older style, I can not believe how fast this sucker is!!
you can just throw a whole apple in there! a whole head of romaine lettuce!
It just rips thru them and turns em into health filled delicious juice.

The one issue I have with this particular juicer is that it isn't completely efficient.
So what I do is take the juiced pulp out, make it into balls and juice it again!
you get a bunch of juice each time.
Especially when you are juicing soft fruit like oranges or pears...


Juice around here usually contains:

lots of APPLES
one BEET
lots of CARROTS

and then whatever else is on hand at the time.
Celery is great.
the dark green leafy's are very good for you
Strawberries make such yummy juice!
a little knob of ginger perhaps?

cabbage is very spicy!
I have heard strong warnings against mustard greens...

still experimenting!

It makes a really nice non-toxic paint for kids and journals!

Do you juice?
Any interesting combinations?

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