February 6, 2012

Our Favorite Lullabies!

Here are a few of the lullabies that we sung when Attie was a baby.  They have become special memories. Her eyes still get heavy when I sing these songs!

 Douglas Mountain was the constant lullaby, every night it was sung!  I love it.  Found it in the book "Rise up Singing" - This is one of THE BEST song books for guitar(in my humble opinion!). It has all the good old favorites!  a really good thing to have around for big sing along jam sessions.

And This guy had a wonderful project of trying out all of the songs on his VLOG!!!
Here he does Douglas mountain (also sung by Raffi) kinda quiet but really nice.

 Arriba de cielo - a beautyful lullaby and video! - I tried really hard to learn it from this video...
If anyone has any clue what they are saying, please please tell me!!

this one is also very nice All through the night:

and then some good ones from Brother where art thou!

This has been the most recent.  I love it - Down to the river - Alison Krauss:


This was the very first one, I remember singing it in the hospital:

Sinead O'Connor's All Babies:

What are Your families Lullabies???
Please share in the comments or even make your own lullaby blog post!

sweet dreams!


Tara Borin said...

"blackbird" by the beatles is guaranteed to put aedan to sleep!

i've been wanting to learn some songs from oh brother where art thou, too. love that soundtrack!

erin said...

aaaw, I love blackbird!

Fairyluver said...

Wonderful choices I didn't realize that down by the river was by Alison Krauss..(she has such a beautiful voice.
I love Kenny Loggin's version of All the pretty little ponies as well as The last unicorn... I would dance and sing these songs to my first born so they have a special place in my heart!!
Wonderful blog post.

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