February 16, 2012

time to knit for heaven's sake.

 Not sure if I have ever talked about knitting... 
It has been something missing from my life, I've had a block about it.
Various knitters have showed me how, I'd start a scarf, then put it down and immediately forget how to knit.  Not this time, baby.  I'm doin' er.

Today I casted on.
Toque time.
This is serious!!!

Here's my teacher, joyous buddy and niece.  She was living with us for a while and just left today.  We will miss her dearly.  There is already an achey void in my heart.  
Attie will miss her and call her every day!   
.."saayoiaaa?  sayoiaaa? find Sayoiaa, ousiyde?"

First lesson, how to make a yarn ball where the string comes from inside.

Here is a knitting party we had before xmas:

action shot

the proud and beloved sara 

This was the first yarn she spun!  I think it is jam packed with beauty and character!

 so SOOFT.  :0)

I crocheted a toque for my niece for xmas... 
different niece.

So I pledge to you and myself to have a toque done,
inside this month of February.

Anyone else in on learning to knit?   Or crochet?

Most of you probably know how already!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I can knit a scarf but I'm not entirely sure how to finish it...I can knit on a loom : ) But I know that's cheating. At some point in life I will learn how to knit for real! Well done you!

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