March 26, 2012

how to make toddler pants from a t-shirt

Stevie had a shirt from his roaring fun early 20's that he had been hanging onto for sentimental value.
Almost too tattered to wear.
but how could he throw it away? he hesitated, 
holding it over the box destined for salvation army..

SO I figured, I'll make it into something else!
Pants. For Attie.
Cuz that's the thing I know how to sew the best...

This is my pants pattern.  cut out from another pattern, using christmas wrapping paper!

Firstly, cut out two of this pattern.
I cut out 4 because I lined them with white cotton jersey.

I cut and flipped the top so there'd be a white band.
Sew that back up, press seams.

Sew the length each of the pant legs,
then flip one inside out,
and and place one leg inside the other leg,
right sides together.

Sew from crotch to top on either side.

then fold the top down leaving plenty of space for the elastic you will use,

sew almost all around, leaving a few inches to insert the elastic.
Put a safety pin on the end of the elastic and string it through.
sew the elastic ends together close up the hole.

I made a pocket (which gets sewn on before any leg sewing)

finish the bottom with a blind stitch - if you want a nice edge for folding up the bottom.
cut off all the stray thread ends,

  et voila!

Little hipster, daddy shirt pants!

They make her dance and move so fast I couldn't even get a good pic!
I'll get one later!

Cutie pants!

Wanna try pants?

Here's a tutorial for some drawstring toddler pants at Prudent Baby.

and here's a previous post of mine with more pants tutorials!~

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eidolons said...

This is awesome. I must try it! (:

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