March 3, 2012

My baby carrier reviews

Ever since our little one was born, she got worn.  

 I found it such a great tool to calm her down, 
be able to do things around the house 
or just go for a nice walk. 

It was guaranteed to calm her down from any fit at all.  
Being right close to the momma (or daddy) is all she wanted as a newborn. 
I guess that is still true... but just not quite as close!!

 We've tried a few, and always found that 
depending on her age or what I felt like at the time, 
I went through phases of liking each one!

Its all about finding the proper adjustment for that carrier.

Here are the carriers we've tried:

the Belle carrier we really liked.
It fits tiny babies and big babies.
Quite easy to put on and get a baby in and out of.

Facing in...

...or facing out!!!  
tuckered out at Ness Creek Music Festival '10

The Maya wrap ring sling came in handy at certain times, although not my favorite. 
Not quite as good on the back as others because its not symmetrical.  
Although I have friends who really like it.

making muffins

 its still good for a 2 year old on a very sick day.

The Moby Wrap, I found very very comfy for a newborn!

Once you figure out how to put the damn thing on, 
(very confusing at first, but once you get it, its easy)
it is quite sturdy and very good for a tiny sleeper.
They can be front or inside facing.
Breastfeeding is easy in there too.
I breast fed Attie walking down the street one day!

Better for the smaller ones.

The Blue Celery Wrap is a lot like the moby,
 except it has 3 parts instead of one long piece of fabric.
I tried my sister's out and REally liked it.

Having a sleeping baby in there is heaven.
They are so soso snug.

 The Jack Wolfskin Backpack is great for longer hikes.  
OR anything. We really like it and still use it.
Lots of storage places, very sturdy, framed, good harnesses to hold baby in,
Also chest strap and waist strap to save your back.
If you wear this properly adjusted, you can carry a lot of weight!

 up mountains!

The Ergo Carrier is my favorite nowadays.
comfy, sturdy, pockets, front or back wearer....
  maybe better for a bigger kid, 

although you can buy the newborn inserts,
Or just put a folded blanket inside under their bum!
(cheaper and just as affective!!)

 so, we gave our Ergo back to my sister
who just had a little babe.
Now we need another one.    ;0)

Finally, after a long search on kijiji and places,
we found a really good Ergo which came with
an attaching backpack!!

Its been about 3 months since Attie's been in her ergo,
so i was worried she wouldn't want to go in it anymore.
Not a prob!  She still loves it!!


Isn't it so expensive to buy all those carriers tho?!
Not for us!  We found them second hand or borrowed/traded.

I've never bought a brand new carrier!!

What is your favorite??  

Have you tried any that I did not mention??


Tara Borin said...

I loved the Moby when Aedan was tiny, but haven't used it lately. Was gifted with an Ergo and I love love love it! You're right, so comfy and easy to get in and out of. Also, I was able to find an amauti to buy and it is so great, and beautiful, too! Great for baby wearing during a Yukon winter. Your Ergo fits great over your jacket! I also have a frame backpack carrier that someone passed on to us, but haven't tried it yet. I'll be sure to use it this summer on longer treks!

eidolons said...

We use a Maya ring sling and a Sleepy Wrap (which is like the Moby). I adore them both - though at about two years old my babes get much too heavy for front-wearing with the Sleepy Wrap. It's great for wearing them on my back, though!

Eve said...

Hi, found your blog from MDC. I love your post. My hubby and I have worn our kids when they were babies and toddlers. Great way to take care of them and go on with life.

I have used a ring sling and pouch with my kiddos when they were little, like under 6 months. I like the quick on-quick off of those carriers. The wrap is okay occasionally, especially when I don't have to wrap it on in a parking lot ;-)

The Ergo has been my favorite from about 5 months to 18 months or so. I bought the original when it first came out in 2006 and have used several different versions over the years.

Lately, I have fallen in love with the Boba carrier for toddler carrying. Love the foot stirrups, so much more comfy for the big kid riding in back, and the back does come up higher, so you don't get that "leaning back" feel from other carriers as the kid gets taller. I also like the simple design that is not bulky. It's very comfortable. I blogged about it here:

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