April 28, 2012

soapmaking time!

I have two jobs, a garden to prepare for,  one child, one on the way...

So, call me nutzoid, I am also doing a craft fair.
Can't resist!

This creativity makes me whole and happy.

its in Raddie on May 12th.

this goatsmilk batch turned out pretty yummy!

Here is the uncut Citrus Patchouli bar!

Lavender rosemary loveliness

Mint- T- tree.  
This was the favorite at the last trade show.

and an experiment batch I made for Steve called Grease monkey!  
He uses that to get the grease and dirt off his hands after a day of gross work.
so I figure this should work pretty well.

Ive gotten some good reviews from my soap,
like "I don't know if you know this, but your soap is really good for the skin!"

That's because if its all natural ingredients!

I've got calendula, chamomile and comfrey on the windowsill doing a solar infusion,
for calendula salve and lypsyl!

Its about time, I am almost out!
Last time I made it too think by adding too much beeswax, 
so this time the salve will be much easier to apply.  

It is the greatest, 
I use it everywhere, even as a facial moisturizer!
smells wonderful too.

I will be selling my Teas again,

felted soaps

and I'm also doing some sewing this time.  
baby-toddler pants  and yoga matt bags so far!

Preps for the last trade show:


and here's a soapmaking tutorial:


and a link up party:

1 comment:

Shanon Hilton said...

Congrats on your baby news! If you have any soap leftover from your fair, let me know the next time you're in Yorkton - I'd love to get some from you! --S

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