May 3, 2012

healthy flour options + recipes

As you know,White flour is no good.

Excerpt from the Global Healing Center
"It [white flour] is made by stripping wheat of everything useful, adding synthetic B vitamins, and bleaching it to remove the milled yellow color and increase the amount of gluten the flour can produce."

Basically, it is void of nutrition, added with preservatives and things our bodies can't understand.

I have been slowly weaning our house hold off of it for quite a while.
The problem being that so many recipes just don't turn out the way they would with white.

However, that doesn't  mean they taste bad...
for instance, breads/loaves made with other flours are much denser than with white.
I think its just a matter of getting used to it.
and finding flours that you like.

There are a whole lot of options out there!
Buckwheat, spelt, quinoa, rice, hemp, amaranth, barley, oat, millet, ....

and then I do usually blend it with little organic white.

we get most of our flour from the health food store,
 which gets it locally from the Daybreak Mill 
just outside of Estevan, SK.  

Their grains are all 100% organically grown without any additives! 
they also sell whole grains, flaked grains, cereals...

Breakfast Cereals:
They also have a great selection of wonderful breakfast cereals.  We buy a huge bag of oats and make our own blends with flax, spelt flakes, chia seed, sunflower seed, and so on.  Throw in chopped dates, other dried fruit or raisins and a bit of almond milk and honey.

 Attie loves oatmeal breakfast! I am so glad of this.

I am fond of their:
- Ezekial flour blend: Contains 100% whole wheat, rye, barley, millet, lentils and beans.
- 7 grain mix:  Contains wheat, barley, rye, durum, oats, flax, buckwheat.

Attie had a LOT of fun playing with flour while I was baking and refilling!

blowing on the flour!

elastics and flour.

Grains are a main part of our diet, and so I like to make them full of fiber and goodness!

Pancakes are another common quick breakfast meal here.   
I make a big canister batch of pancake mix for easy prep in the morning:  Buckwheat Pancakes

and here's my sunflower millet Bread making tutorial!

  I encourage you to find a local organic mill and take a visit!


Tara Borin said...

Great post, Erin!

You are so organized! And doing such a wonderful thing for yourself and your family. I've been thinking a lot about weaning off of refined sugars and white flours, and making the switch to whole grains (including rice and pasta). It seems like a big task! Where/how did you begin?

No chance of finding a local mill up here, too bad.

erin said...

thanks tara! I think I started with whole wheat flour! You have no mill up there, but I'm sure the grocery stores have that "Bob's Red Mill", they have all kinds as well. so you could get them to order whatever kind you want!

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