May 23, 2012

first spinach salad of the year!!

yes!  I brought it in,
 washed it and

It tasted like the good freshest,  localest,  sun filled, dirt infused food that I have missed all year!
thank the good godess of greenery!

 its on...

This is whats up around here!

The reason the patch is so big already is because it was fall planted. 
I just shook the dried up seedy pods all over the place! 
How well it worked 

A lettuce mix in this container...
maybe it will be ready for the first harvest in a week or so!

Amish Snap peas!   They are supposed to get really large but still crunchy and tastey.

Our new strawberry patch!
wahooo. we're gonna need some netting to ward off all the birds who ate my strawb's last year.

Of these guys, we were lucky. 
We've been eating fresh tomatoes for a couple months now!
I grew them in the greenhouse that I work at.

That is where i have been the last couple months!

Sorry for being a terrible blogger!
I am gonna have more time soon.
and a lot to write about!

WELCOME growing season!

What's Up around your garden or farm???

feel free to leave a link to your post or just a comment!!

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