May 29, 2012

radical homemakers UNITE!!!

Here are some really good books!

First I'm gonna rant about "Radical Homemakers" by Shannon Hayes.

It was just what I needed to read.  Talks about how empowering it can be to turn your home from a place of consumption to a place of production.  Living happily on one income ,
rather than both parents working, kids in daycare and lots of nice things...
Making and growing a lot of your own things and changing views on what you REALLY need in this world (can you drive a 93 VW golf and a bike happily? or Do you need the 2012 edition?).
It is so important to have someone (if not everyone!) at home, making/growing food, sewing clothes, fermenting cabbage, putting up food for winter, fixing things...

In the feudal days, you were powerful middle class if you owned your home and made all you needed because you didn't have to answer to any lords, 
or give them all the grain you grew for a roof over your head.  
This is when the word Husband was made, it comes from  "house bound" Which was a good thing!!

Shannon Hayes does a kind of study, where she interviews around 30 families who live this way.  So there are lots of stories to read and inspiration to gain!

I feel like this is the direction we are headed, if not already mostly there.  
So it was just really nice to read a book about it - to feel glad and empowered. 
Reassured on why we live this way!  Reminded why we don't need all that STUFF.
And Proud that we make a lot of things in this home!

That's where the other books come in!
"Simple Sewing for Baby" by Lotta Jansdotter  is one of the many great sewing instruction books, complete with a pattern pocket at the back.  She's got some cute ideas, including lots of toys!

and then "Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair" by Dina Falconi is full of great recipes for skin and hair products.  Nothing too hard, its all quite simple!  
Shampoo, lotions, deodorants, nice things! 
and all good for your skin and well being. 
Rather than toxic, like everything you find in the pharmasave...

I've been ordering books from the library that I work at!

Here's Attie and Molly having a tea party.

My Grandparents!  Living the Radical homemaking dream without knowing another option.
This is the foundation of their barn.

Here's my dad and a friend getting some wood!

Clothes on the line, and a good wagon.

Gramma Dorothy and her two girls. 

I think a lot of the women of yesterday, especially being pregnant.
Gardening, baking bread, making everything your family wore, tools...
Lots of them were possibly a bit enslaved to their homes and constant pregnancies against their will.
Today we have the choice. 

Its hard work AND can be very satisfying, if we think of it that way!

Its the most important job out there.


Tara Borin said...

I love the old photos!

I think I need to read that book "Radical Homemakers". I've really been struggling with my new role as mom/"wife". It's not something anyone really prepares us for, and I need some inspiration! Thanks for the recommendation.

Gabriela said...

The old photos are awesome!

I have some very similar ones of my grandparents starting a family in the middle of a rural nowhere. Not surprising that we continue the way!

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