August 22, 2012

A Tribute to my Ytown Girls!!

and my parncie, Amy on her birthday!!  :0)

 Growing up in a Saskatchewan town,  
I was secure and happy within my circle of girlz.
You guys were all that mattered really.

we were pretty crazy teenagers! 
I sure hope my kids are nothing like I was...  :0)
or at LEAST that they are SMart about it!!

We'd  do anything to get one of our parents cars to go see a punk rawk show in Regina! 

Our bond was strong.  We were learning to be adults - or trying to avoid it at all costs!!

(Just ENjoying ourselves!!  I love this pic. )

We were having a blast (or two) anyways.


This card game - Popeye - was a huge passtime.  
We each had our own signature deck o' cards.


 aaaaaaw yeah! 
 Just givin' er.

Representing the Stoop?

 Saying good bye to Ame when it was time to go exploring...

A bunch a parncies  in my basement suite

Some new years pardy...

Cranked up enough that this one thought she could fit in the drawer!!

Our lives have changed gears a bit now, 

But what a good time we had! 

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