September 2, 2012

zuch time!

At first there weren't many and I was worried I planted my zuch's to close together... 
but now they are all producing.
tiny zuchinnis turn massive overnight. 

Kind of like finding a wood tick in your dog's ear - all of a sudden there's this Huge thing sitting there!  (haha - sorry for the really gross analogy) 

Didn't think we'd be able to keep on top of them, but we are! and its so exciting!

My niece came to visit, she's totally interested in self sufficiency and gardening.

So she was pumped to help me grate these suckers down into edible packages in various stages of cooked and stored product.

She made this gorgeous Chocolate Zuchinni cake.
I'm not going to post the recipe we used, but there are plenty in your cookbooks at home and online!
Lets just say that Dark chocolate chips make it even more scrumptious.

We froze a whole bunch of grated zuch into 2 cup portions 
for all kinds of recipes to be made in mid winter.

Our family has been eating zuchinni in all meals.  I have mastered Zuchinni parmesan.
A big bowl of grated zuchinni in the fridge never did anyone any harm, 
just throw it into any and all meals you are cooking!  

fry up some Zuch with onions and garlic to be blended with tomatoes and added to your canned tomato soup - SO good.

zucchini omelet

zucchini in grilled cheese samwiches

Juiced zucchini
zuchinni smoothies (its a joke, don't try it.)

here's my new baby with her friend.  she was not interested in documenting the garden produce.
she was interested in more milkies and less sun shinning in her face...

and here's a post with Atlin lying beside a huge zuch a couple years ago

1 comment:

Tara said...

That zucchini cake looks amazing!

The babe and the zuch are too cute! I can't the baby so tiny, or the zucchini so big?!

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