September 5, 2012

Juicing from the Garden - with the toddler!

Today's presents from the garden

Still lots of cucumbers  which are perfect in juice when we have too many!
They just give so so much juice.
Note the heirloom purple dragon carrots!
fun and very tasty!

 heirloom Bassano beets
I almost thought I'd mistaken and planted turnips there...
 but they are sweet like a beet!

Sweet morning smiles!!
 I'm glad we also planted regular beets cuz I really like the purple juice they make!
Beets are a good liver tonic, but only use one or two in a juice. 

bringin in the treasures!

Attie loves helping make juice.
Right from harvesting the veggies to pouring the finished juice into her cup.
I love doing it with her.

 Its fun, she's fully capable and then there's no kid whining at your knees... 

and it helps with her loving to drink it too   :0)

My personal Juicing tips:

- Apples and carrots are necessary
- beets make a good color
- add something green for health
- cucumbers + watermelon give loads of juice
- juice gets your insides moving. like Now.

clean up
- do it immediately after - makes it MUch easier.
- or at least rinse everything out asap.
- pour the juice  (thru a sieve if preferred) into another vessel and wash out the juice catcher immediately
- I scrape all the produce mush into the mush catcher and then fill it with water for the compost, which needs water anyways and makes it easier to clean the mush catcher!

and most of all:

** put ice in your juice!

yummm and health!

Do you have any essential juicing tips?


karen said...

mmm, your juice looks yummy, the beetroot gives such a nice colour. agreed that washing the juice straight away is so much easier, I dont always but oh I should!

Tara said...

Yum! That looks so good. I almost bought a used juicer here in town, but then I started thinking about how expensive juicing would be for most of the year, and I ended up not buying it. Still kind of regretting it, though!

And your heirloom veggies look beautiful! I want to try growing some heirloom varieties next year.

Emily said...

Oh nom nom, looks just delish! I have been talking about getting a juicer for years... I really must just GO AND DO IT!!! Where are all the baby pictures??!!!

Ola said...

That looks yummy! I agree that apples and carrots are necessary for a juice. Thank you for visiting my blog :). xxx

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