September 3, 2012


wow already!
Well, here's what the garden is giving these days:

These zinnias have been brightening my days!

 Here's a massive pumpkin that I Just noticed the other day!  That's what you get when the pumpkin grows in an old composted manure spot!

I'd been waiting all summer to harvest this garlic that my uncle Jim had been saving for years.  
We almost had none cuz I forgot where I planted them last fall and we rototilled over them!!  
Now we have just enough to plant.  3rd week in September.


my measly little saskatch watermelon!

purple dragons in the middle (heirloom)

 Big old Brandywine Tomato

 Gray's Sweet cherry tomato.

Aren't they so pretty!  They grow in Raimbows!!

a butternut and a spaghetti squash. 
growing under a bunch of sunflowers for shade, seemed to work well!

 Doesnt look like much yet, but I am excited for my new comfrey patch!
I hope it just goes nuts next year!  cuz its grreat for the compost.

 Potatoes growing in rotted alfalfa hay...
 I'll let you know how this experiment pans out.
One thing I know is that it needs lots of water.
Whether or not it turns out, it will make a great new garden bed for next year!

Chasing Rio hoping to brush her!  Good luck Attie... 
She is old, but she can speed walk faster than you can run!!

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