October 24, 2012

Tighten up Challenge

Okay. its been 2+ months since Ava was born and now my body (post- cesarian) feels 
ready to get back in SHAPE!!

 I've got some really erinish guidelines. I figure its gotta be something I 'm  gonna stick with.

So here's MY rules:

1)  Break a sweat every second day (1 hour minimum of exercise)

2)  EVERY meal must be 50% (or more) fruits or Vegetables.

3)  Drink lots of water, juiced juice and smoothies.

4)  Small portions (or NO ) of meat. 

5)  Persistant with the positive affirmations, like...

 * I CAN get my body in shape *

*  I LOVE how I feel when I exercise *

*  This food is contributing to a healthy body *   

* My body works the best when i feed it healthy food *

* Smile at thine self in the mirror often * 

I am so so thankful that a gym just opened up in my town. There is a great play area for kids too!

Some days a run with the kids in the chariot will do.

And then there are some very fun and awesome utube workout videos....

Like these here:

Attie's Favorite, we do it over and over  (whooosha!)  ! 

I like Tiffany Roth:

and then there's always the sun salutations - designed to tackle every part of the body

try doing 10 in a row, fast!  ;0)

basic (hatha style):

and one with abit of a kick:

I really like Dolphina, not much on utube tho!!

I gotta keep it funnnn! 
 Not getting too serious, or i'll fold.

For how long?

hummmm, as long as it takes! and then re- asses the situation...


Are you in?! 


What are YOUR guidelines???

What are your favorite utube videos or workout methods?


Tara said...

I love your Erinish guidelines! I've been trying to do lots of these things for 5 or 6 months now (but I need to get back at 'er since my vacation!)

I'm not eating factory farmed meat any more, which means I'm not eating much meat at all. And I've mostly cut out refined sugar and caffeine. Woo!

My new challenge is mindful eating. I'm terrible for wolfing down my food, which is so sad when I put so much time and effort into cooking from scratch. So last night I lit some candles with dinner, and we paused to be thankful before eating...and I put my fork down between every bite and really tasted all of my food. It was the best meal I've had in weeks!

It does feel SO GOOD to take care of our bodies!

Ciara said...

Really enjoyed the yoga videos, thank you!

Yes, mindful, clean eating over at our house too.

Good luck! xx

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