July 29, 2014

growing goodness!!!

the garden.
we've been harvesting.
peas, beans, greens, chard, zuchs, raspberries, herbs...
and heaps of relaxation and meditation.
it is full of happiness.
loaded with Okay-ness.
it is an art piece.
when i walk in, i feel the worlds worries
slooooowww to a stop.
and all thats left is gifts
and joyful maintenance.

This year i am happy to be sharing it with my lovely new neighbor.
and her family

here's a tour:

Cute and patient baby watching us garden   :)

 i absolutely love pea season!  
not one will make it in the freezer unfortunately, cuz if Attie hasnt picked and eaten it fresh,
then one of us others have!  
Also make great road snacks.

little pea shelling operation

3 different kinds of beans!  only 2 shown here...

purple turns green when cooked

this heirloom variety- calypso- is a little black and white yin yang when dried!

my neighbor and gardening partner - Emma!  
tasting a calypso green bean

Raspberries are ready!!!

the children are managing the patch.

good job guys :)

we've had a few cukes! 
I've learned that they like climbing
and do very well when you pinch off the side runners and just keep one strong vein.

Silverbeet swiss chard!  
so yum.
(especially steamed with grated carrots, cubed tomatoes, onions, garlic 
and eggs cracked on top to poach - lid on...mmmmm)

sweet peppers of varying varieties in the greenhouse

batches and batches of calendula to dry and make salve
smells gorgeous
easy on the eyes too!

new lettuce
to replace bolted stuff
there are many lettuce patches around the yard,
just love having fresh greens - 
the only reason winter sucks is no fresh greens.

my lil fairys of the green


1 comment:

Tara said...

Wow! Your garden looks wonderful! I love the different coloured beans, and the calendula too! I think I'm going to grow some next year, for Colm. :)

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