September 12, 2014

fall garden

its getting cold outside.  too cold infact, for the vegetables

these days are filled with seed collecting, herb drying, carting vegetables around, looking thru cook books for pickle recipes...

leaves are falling off the trees

crispness fills the lungs when we go for walks

Three days ago I pulled out most of my garden.. 
salvaged the tomatoes, zuchs, cukes, squash, corn and the one eggplant!
here's some of the fruits:

nice big brandywine tomato.

 medieval purple carrots and good sized beets.

collecting tomato seeds for next year
 here's how:

ONE beautyful eggplant!!
I'm not crazy about eggplant, however I think its a beautyful thing to watch grown!
babaganoush or eggplant parmesan?

Onions drying

a pile of tomatoes to turn red...
the red pile will turn into salsa tomoro!

 one batch of canned tomatoes..  

This pure apple juice is from neigbor's apple tree!  
sooo yum. 
I just froze it tho cuz not sure how or if you can can pure apple juice. anyone know?

Ava in the calendula patch.
then we picked all the flowers.
to make salve!

the Corn and calendula princess!

 a bit of summers end chaos in the greenhouse.
drying calendula, peas for seed, cukes waiting to get the seed sucked out, lettuce seeds, tomatoes ready for seed sucking...

exploding seed tomato berries
aka sweet million

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