March 5, 2011

Hyden's quilt endings!!

This is a continuation from Hyden's Quilt Beginnings and Hyden's quilt.

Look!! its done. colorful as i had hoped!

After the panel was done, it was time to put the back, insides and panel together.
I used some nice darkish green flannel for the backing and some white flannel for the inside.

made them all be roughly the same size

then went hog wild and sewed along whichever line i met up with!
It was like driving through an old village.
turned out pretty good.

Made the Binding out of some maroon flannel

and sewed it on.

binding corner detail

and finally, the BEST part, had a good look at it! all donzooo!

Now, Atlin and I need to get RID of this dang cold
so we can go over and meet the tiny and lovely newborn!!

Probably about 90% of the fabrics were re-purposed
or bought at second hand stores and garage sales!
(mostly bought as unused fabrics)

Thats the beauty of a scrappy quilt.
You can throw so many different patterns/colors together and they just look neat-o.


Elza said...

You make everything sound so easy! My first ever and probably only ever quilt has been sitting patiently in my sewing room for about 3 months waiting for me to finally quilt and bind it. I am going to let it sit there a bit longer I think, I'm too scared I might ruin it all.

erinleee said...

ha! the closet projects... usually, mid quilt I think "this isn't going to turn out that nice", but after you put that binding on, any quilt looks Awesome!

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