March 6, 2011

the rural saskatchewan advantage

When driving places in the prairie with time on my hands,
we often go off the main road. There is just SO much land to explore.

Out here, there is an actual grid of roads to criss cross through it all.

There is an intersection every 1 mile North/South,
and every 2 miles east/west. It is a grid.

I'm always asking myself :
if there's so much land,
how hard can it be to get myself just a couple acres of it?!

I just want to build an earthship in case the shit hits the fan.
AND have chickens and such. All I need is two acres.

but for now, i am perfectly content in this small town,
with my town lot, surrounded by elm trees.

making small talk with passers by,
getting to know them by name and parka,
the ability to walk to any in-town destination in under 45 minutes,
thus not needing to use a vehicle most days,
not worrying too much if my doggies get out,
and not needing to have them constantly leashed on walks
( I hate leashes, but fully understand their reasons for existence)

our pups: Rio and Freedom

little A, all bundled and ready for some exploring (perhaps a nap as well, usually).

We hugely heart the Chariot BTW...

This is what it the ground looks like
after us 4 have been there...

We like to leave this mark all over town!

How cute is this splash of art for on lookers and birds??
Thanks, Hofarts!!

There is a crib board on main street carved into a
tree stump. You can go sit on the old tractor seats
which protrude from either side, and have a good game of Cribbage with someone.
That is on the list of things to do this summer.

yep, Radville is cute.

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