November 24, 2011

livin in a camper, crossin th river

This was taken from the summer of 2008.
I lived in this here cute 16 ft camper for most of the summer.
On the opposite side of the river from the rest of town 
(Dawson City, YT)

Here I was, a lot of days,waiting.  Looking at this... 
there are worse places to be waiting!
That mighty Yukon river rolls along still,  in my heart.

and here is a random page. a list of things:

 I did get my cycle beads (the first note on the list)
and here's a little painting of them!


and what are Cycle Beads?  This is my review, and a link.  
Natural Family planning.  Menstrual tracking.  in a Pretty way!

for more, click here:

and Feel free to leave a link with some wisdom or whatevers from your old journals!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Love love love your journals! I always find your posts so interesting! I read the other post about the beads, really fascinating... and I've been meaning to start making pads (have lovely organic cotton ones but do need more), although I'm hoping I wont need them for at least a year with all the breastfeeding I'm doing :)

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