November 3, 2011

Emmett's quilt- a collaborative quilt

my sister just had a baby and I/We recently had the joy of presenting him with a quilt put together by many loving hands!

When she was about 4 months preggers, I put the word out to all the aunties, grandmas, friends asking if they'd like to make a quilt square for a quilt.   I was amazed at the response! Especially since a lot of them hadn't done much sewing.
I ended up with 12 wonderfully creative squares!!

The squares getting ready to be sewn together.

Here they are individually:

Auntie Lorraine\s monkeys

my colorful spiderweb

Charmaine's pony

Auntie Mavis' once favorite shirt - now a quilt sqare!

Cousin Sara's Barney

Cousin Jill's taggy square

Auntie Janet's animals

Auntie Sara's log cabins

Longitme friend Alyssa's Birdies

Great auntie  Bernie's pony
(lifelong sew/knit/crochet/crafter,... still sewing with the shakiness of parkinsons!
a serious crafter never quits!)

Auntie Dana's hearts

and without even talking, mother and daughter both did hearts!
Our dearest mother's square, sewn in the hospital where she battles cancer.
I brought her all the materials and we had a sewing party!
(cousin Sara was there too, can you tell by the matching fabric?)

now for the edging...



here's momma at the baby shower

and little boy blue!

We love you baby Emmett!!

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Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

what a beautiful idea, and such a special present, warm wishes Kelly

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