November 2, 2011

Time for a Cleanse! Some options and reviews

I have been thinking about cleansing lately. and then I found this Holista Body Clean Detox kit  in my cupboard that I bought about 3 yrs ago, but couldn't use because I was pregnant or breastfeeding.  So I decided to do it now.  In conjunction with changing my eating habits drastically for the length. 

Here are my guidelines:
- No meat
- No dairy (except good plain yogurt)
- few, but only Whole grains.
- no white flour 
- loads of raw fruits and veggies
- lots of nuts and seeds
- loads of water
- juiced juice everyday.

 This holista detox is basically 2 pills. One has psylium (lubrication for the bowel), Chlorella and Spirulina (chloryphyll sources which pick away at the intestinal walls ) and another pill with Milk Thistle which supports the liver and promotes toxin release.  I am finding it quite effective with the mainly raw food intake.  

Although Psyllium isn't completely trustworthy in my books. I have heard for one that it can be a little aggressive. 
Then (from a colon hydrotherapist):
"Psyllium is a seed that when it hits the large intestine, it absorbs 10 times its weight in waste off the intestinal wall.  This sounds great, but most people's bodies are not equipped to pass the matter......that no one should take this on until they've invested 2 years in a good clean vegan diet (70 percent raw) with a lot of bowel cleansing..."
(from "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose)

This, reminds me of another, probably the last cleanse I did, last March.  

With that one, I was doing Stanley Burroughs MAster Cleanse.
I have done the master cleanse many times. It is tolerable and I have seen results.  It consists of easing into a food fast where you drink as much of a 4 - ingredient lemonade as humanly possible.  The Lemon and Cayanne pepper go in around your body and pick away at the hidden toxins, sending them towards the bowel and on their way out.  The Maple syrup makes the drink tolerable AND gives you a bit of calories so that you are not completely drained.  

It is important to help the bowels move as there is no fibre moving through and helping. Laxative herbal teas and a nasty, but effective "internal salt water bath" will do the trick!  I am always amazed at how far into the cleanse I get and Still have so much elimination happening.   I usually do it for 3-5 days, but they claim it is okay to do this cleanse for upwards of 3 months! 

When easing out of the cleanse, you really relize how much we need to chew!  It really gives the whole digestive system a much needed rest.  I would recommend this cleanse.

Do we really need to cleanse?

I think YES. certainly. 
If the year was 1897, I would say no need to do this. Everyone then ate only local, non processed foods they could grow themselves...
However, we live in a world today where even if you are quite health conscious today, you are ingesting toxins without even realizing it.  Most of the cosmetic products on the market are filled with carcinogens and horrible toxins which our skin, the SPONGE that it is, sucks in immediately.  

Here is a downloadable list of what to look for in your shampoo, tooth paste, lotion...  go look. you will be surprised that when it says on the bottle "made with Natural ingredients"  There are also a gazillion bad bad ingredients.
so there's that.
Then there's the little white "preservatives" and whatnot in our peanut butter, dressings, pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, chlorine and other nasty chemicals in our treated water, ...

Our bodies don't know what to do with these non-food items, so to our great advantage, it stores them all as fat!  This IS a good thing actually, because it is an effort to keep the bad stuff away from our organs.   Even better would be for these things to not be in our body at all. If there gets to be too many toxins, They do get to your organs and you get disease. simply put. 
Before disease, you get (probably have now) things like headaches, fatigue, low immunity, ... As I do.

This is where cleansing comes in.

 Colonics are most beneficial to do during a cleanse -or anytime really.  They are the most effective bowel cleansing available.  It is a gently stream of water flowing thru and releasing the gunk on the walls of your arteries from 20 years ago...  but that will be a topic for another day!

hey ho to cleaning our innerds.

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