January 27, 2012

sunny windy winter funtime

this was on our walk yesterday, 
the road was bare in places,
we've little snow to speak of.
felt like spring 

This be the very same road, Today!

Kick sledding up and down!!

some snowy chariot rejoice dances

watching the wind whisp thru the trees

I do enjoy the crisp winter air in my lungs,
and rosy cheeks indoors,
 a mug of yerba mate tea with honey.

that's what winter's all abooot.

How are you spending winter days?
or do you have snow? are you gardening?  


YukonTara said...

This makes me so happy! Looks lovely!

When it hit 40 below, I spent my days mostly house-bound. Lots of time just lounging in front of the fire, playing with the babe. Then it warmed up and I did lots of of visiting in town. Today I'm looking forward to spending the day at home! Walks with the doggies, cleaning, baking, reading, blogging, napping...should be a good one!

erin said...

Sounds like a splendid day, Tara! Hope the weather isn't too ridiculous for you guys this winter!!
a kiss for Aeden :0)

Freedom Five said...

love these pics!

erin said...

thanks! winter's so beauty.

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